What Is The Orange Institution?
It is both a Protestant and a patriotic association pledged to uphold civil and religious liberty. It is often referred to as 'The Orange Order'. 


Where does the title "Orange" come from?
In memory of King William III, Prince of Orange, who secured religious freedom and through the Glorious Revolution of 1688-1691 laid the foundation stones for democratic government. 

Is the Orange Institution a secret society?
An organization whose members take part in colourful public processions could hardly be considered to be secret. Equally the principles and objectives of Orangeism are in the public domain. It is true that, in common with most organizations, meetings are for members only. 

Are you anti Roman Catholic?
Orangeism is a positive rather than a negative force. It wishes to promote the Reformed Faith based on the Infallible Word of God - the Bible. Orangeism does not foster resentment or intolerance. Condemnation of religious ideology is directed against church doctrine and not against individual adherents or members. 

What is the purpose of your parades?
They are a means by which we witness for our faith and celebrate our cultural heritage.

What is the meaning of some of the terms used by the organisation? 

LODGE - The name given to the branch or club that members belong to. Each Lodge is given a number and also usually adopts a title e.g. "Aughlish Heroes" Loyal Orange Lodge (L.O.L.) 74, Listullycurran Truth Defenders L.O.L. 616, Cross of St Patrick L.O.L. 688)

WORSHIPFUL MASTER - The Chairman of a Lodge. 

DEPUTY MASTER - The Vice-Chairman of a Lodge. 

ORANGE HALL - The building used for Lodge meetings. Orange Halls are frequently used as community centers where a variety of social activities are based.

BROTHER - Members refer to each other as Brother. This is in common with many fraternal societies.

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