197th Orange Lodge 12th of July Celebration

After the parade there was a celebration back at the County of Toronto Hall. To view more pjotos of the celebration please vistit our

12th of July gallery. 

County Lodge Toy Mountain Donation

On Tuesday December 5th, Birchcliff paarticpated with the county of Toronto in the annual Toy Mountain donation at the Oshawa Centre. It was a wonderful event hosted by the Salvation Army and Toy Mountain as well as CTV and Tom Brown who was documenting the event. 

County of Toronto Kids Christmas Party

Saturday December 2nd was our annual kids Christmas party held for the children and grand children of lodge membbers held by the County of Toronto. The kids had aa wonderful time enjoying the Science Safari presentation where they made snow, human conductors and brought a variety of animals. The day came to a great close as Santa arrived to read Twas the Night Before Christmas and to hand out gifts. 

25th Annual Wayne Lowery Memorial Slow Pitch Tournament

On Sunday, August 20th 2017. the lodges of Ontario East and West participated in the 25th Annual Wayne Lowery Memorial Slow Pitch Tournament.  Congratulations to the memebers of the Birchcliff L.O.L. 2856 who are the 2017 tournament champions. The funds raised thorughout the tournament will be donated to a charity of Birchcliff's choosing in October. 


Fun was had by all at the thirdy annual King Billy Open and $1000 was raised for the Children's Juvenille Diabetes Foundation Charity.

197th Orange Lodge 12th of July Parade 

Saturday, July 8 at 11am marked the beginning of the 197th Twelth of July parade. To view more photos of the parade please visit our

12th of July gallery. 

On Saturday, February 18th 2017. the county lodge of Toronto held our annual road hockey event. 



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